Monday, December 16, 2013

Holidays to Vietnam-An Enticing Experience

Vietnam is located on the Indochinese peninsula and the country has both tropical and temperate weather patterns. It is made up of chaotic yet vibrant cities, bustling marketplaces stand alongside rivers, rice fields dot the countryside, dense mountain regions and a long coastline. The Vietnamese lifestyle is closely related to its villages and native lands. This is a country that is striving to modernize, yet still embraces its glorious past.Welcome to
Explore the Mekong Delta region, which is the rambling coastline of central Vietnam, the mountainous north and stunning vistas of Halong Bay. Visit Hoi An's charming architecture, and revel in the restaurants, shopping and sites of Saigon and Hanoi.Holidays to Vietnam offers an exciting blend of delicious food with its culture, history and people, and some of Asia's most stunning natural beauty.
Highlights of Vietnam:
• Visit the Presidential Palace, once the headquarters during the American War.
• Delve into the Chu Chi Tunnels system left over from the war.
• Enjoy a Mekong Delta cruise.
• Appreciate Buddhist Pagodas and temples.
• Pay a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
• Haul an overnight Ha Long Bay Cruise.
• Kayak through caves and grottoes.
• A lovely Sunset experience on Titov Mountain or bamboo rowboat adventure.
• Learn and enjoy the history of the classic Cham monuments at My Son.
• Savor China Beach, the subject of a hit TV show near Da Nang.

With ancient dynasties, a turbulent recent history, delicate fresh cuisine, 24 hour cities and overwhelming countryside, Vietnam is Indochina value's most famous destination in Asia and still our highlight of the region.
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